Ministry of Nominations and Elections
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Montgomery, Alabama

Beloved in Christ:

In apostolic times there were elders, to whom were entrusted the oversight and leadership of the Christian Church, and concerning whom the Apostle Paul advised that they who rule well should be counted worthy of double honor.  Therefore, this Church has from the beginning included in its government not only Ministers, who are to preach the gospel and administer the sacraments in the name of Christ and as His representatives, but also Ruling Elders chosen by the people to represent them, and to be joined with the Ministers in the exercise of government and discipline in the Church.

These Ruling Elders in each congregation, together with the Senior Minister, constitute the Session, to which it is committed to admit and exclude members, supervise the worship, provide for the teaching, direct the activities, and promote the spiritual interests of the Church.  The Elders are also to represent the congregation in Presbyteries and General Assemblies, when commissioned thereunto.  And it is the duty of the Elders to set the example of a godly conduct and character, and to assist the Senior Minister in his ministry to the people.

In apostolic times there were also Deacons, whose office was held in honor, and who were highly esteemed for their services to the Church, in company with the Elders.  From early days it was a peculiar part of the duties of these office-bearers to be instruments of the Church’s compassion.  This Church, therefore, has recognized the office and work of the Deacon as in accord with apostolic practice.  In the course of time new forms of work have been given to this office, and it has grown in value to the Church, while to it there has always been attached its ancient character as the representative of the Church’s purpose to follow Christ in compassion and in ministry to the bodily needs of men.

It is the duty and privilege of the members of the Congregation to nominate men for the office of Elder and Deacon, and the duty of the Session to examine and approve these nominees before presenting them for election to the Congregation.  Those elected will serve a three-year term of office or the remainder of a vacant seat on a shorter term.  Please prayerfully consider nominating men you believe are called to these offices by completing the form on the reverse of this sheet.

– The Ministry of Nominations and Elections

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