Christianity Explored

Trinity Church will hold a Christianity Explored course this Fall.
Starting September 15, you can join us every Tuesday at 7:30PM.

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To participate in this course, you don’t have to attend Trinity or even live in Montgomery.
All welcome!

Preparation for Sept 22 class

Read Mark 1:1-20
1.  The word “gospel” means “good news”. Mark begins his book of good news with three statements about Jesus:
a) by the Old Testament prophets (messengers) (Mark 1:2-3)
b) by John the Baptist (Mark 1:7)
c) by God himself (Mark 1:11)

What do they each say about Jesus?

Read Mark 1:21 – 2:17
2.  In chapters 1 and 2 Jesus shows his authority in different situations. (See Mark 1:16-20, 21-22, 23-28, 40-45; 2:1-12.)
When Jesus speaks or acts, what sorts of things happen?

Read Mark 2:18 – 3:6
3.  Even at this early stage, Jesus divided opinions. Some people were amazed by him, while others were enraged.
What are your early impressions of Jesus?

Do you have any questions about Mark 1:1 – 3:6?