You will have no trouble finding a place to serve at TPC- either in ministry activities, evangelism, mission, or outreach beyond the church walls.

Dear Trinity Family,

Volunteer Opportunities abound at Trinity Presbyterian Church!  We want to help you identify service opportunities for you and your family, to help you find your spot to get involved, and to serve in furthering the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I recommend you read DISCERNING AND EXERCISING SPIRITUAL GIFTS” by Dr. Timothy Keller, then jump in and volunteer!

Many opportunities exist to SERVE WITH TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete and submit this form) as well as opportunities to partner with our MISSION MINISTRY PARTNERS outside the walls of Trinity Church.  Look for the EE symbols which denote “Easy Entry Service Opportunities”. These are areas that need no training whatsoever, where you can easily get involved immediately.

 Each category has a contact name, phone number and email.  Get in touch, ask questions, come observe, get trained!  There are many needs listed—we need YOU.

I am available to help you discover your gifts, develop your gifts, and deploy your gifts.  You may want to complete the ONLINE SPIRITUAL GIFTS SURVEY and then come review the results with me.  Contact me today at (334) 262-3892 or and let me help you get plugged in at Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Becky Canerday

Director of Outreach and Assimilation