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Give: Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise is a commitment between you and God to give directly to Trinity Missions.  Faith Promise offerings supplement Trinity's budgeted General Fund support for missions which is normally 20% of the overall church budget.  Individuals make a Faith Promise with the understanding that all they have and receive is from God and trusting that He will continue to meet their needs in the future.  There are many good reasons to give to Faith Promise, but the most common one is a desire to see your money being used to fulfill the Great Commission through our church's overall missions effort that has been approved by the Trinity Session.   Your Faith Promise offerings should be in excess of your regular tithe.

How do I give to Faith Promise?

We ask you to complete a Faith Promise card during the annual missions conference in February.  While your Faith Promise is between you and God, the Trinity Business Office will record your giving for personal reporting and planning purposes.  No one outside of the Business Office knows what your Faith Promise is and no one will ever contact you if you are unable to complete your Promise.  Whether or not you've made a Faith Promise, you may always give to Faith Promise at any time of the year.  Simply write your check made payable to "Trinity Presbyterian Church" and designate "Faith Promise" on the memo line.  The Business Office will make sure that money goes directly to fund Missions through Trinity Presbyterian Church.

You may also give online through our secure online giving option.

  • Click here to access our online giving page.
  • Under "Select a Fund" choose "Faith Promise"
  • Follow the instructions to complete your giving
  • You will get an email confirming your contribution
  • This is a secure and confidential way to give to Faith Promise
Need help?
  • Email Mike Hogg
  • Call the Business Office at 334-262-3892