Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.

1 Samuel 12:24

From Our Senior Minister

 Beloved Congregation,

Entering the season of a capital campaign can easily conjure up mixed emotions that range from fear to guilt, from distrust to manipulation. I hope as we enter such a season at Trinity Church, you feel none of the above. Rather, my hope is that you sense excitement, peace, joy, calling, trust, openness, and benevolence. I hope that you feel a pull to something eternal and spiritual; something that links generations.

I am not sure one could adequately quantify the amount of real ministry that has taken place within the walls of our new building. It is hard to believe we moved into our “new building” seven years ago – October, 2009! Since then, literally tens of thousands of people have enjoyed conferences, Bible studies, small groups, food, fellowship, concerts, banquets, programs, Sunday School, iLife, Midweek, Vacation Bible School, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, leadership retreats, counseling, prayer, teaching, and officer training.

Thousands of our own members as well as thousands outside our church have experienced tangible and intangible ministry to their own souls; seen and unseen; offering a beautiful gospel message in aesthetically beautiful surroundings. Truly, we are blessed.

And I have no doubt but that our loving, humble, thankful congregations knows we do not deserve such a beautiful campus at which to worship God and enjoy one another. Since 2009, we have grown spiritually and numerically; we have reached out and reached in; we have ministered to our own without losing that missions-minded staple of Trinity Church! To God alone the glory!

May I state it plainly: we need to get out of debt. Retiring our debt will free up monies in our budget that have quite honestly left us strapped. We need, by the grace of God, to loosen this grip that debt has held over us these seven years. We need it for ministry. We need it for missions. We need it for peace of mind. We need it to free us to move forward with our proactive vision to have our greatest impact on Montgomery and to reach the world for Christ.

Some of you have given above the call; some have simply given within their means; some have given sacrificially; others have yet to pledge one dollar. And yet, Trinity shines as a bright beacon on a hill – a very strong tower and rock of stability in Montgomery, AL. Here is your opportunity to join those in the past to make a difference in the present and future of this very fine, Spirit-filled, Spirit-blessed institution that means so much to so many.

We are HIS bride! Let’s pay off the debt and move forward in unity, love, and kindred spirits.

Claude E. McRoberts, III



The Past


Faithful to the Past – Retire $2.7 million in debt

Trinity’s potential will always be limited until the remaining debt is retired. Paying off the remaining debt in three versus 20 years will save the Church $1,000,000 in interest expense. Furthermore, $126,000 is allocated in our current annual budget for interest only debt service. Once this debt is paid, these resources will be freed to invest in other ministries, some of which have been cut in recent years. Every dollar given during this campaign will go directly to paying down the amount owed on the project. We believe that God is calling us to be faithful to the work started years ago by finishing the task and paying off the debt.


The Present

Faithful to the Present – Renovation of the front entrance

We also want to make our church more accessible to those with limited accessibility. Therefore, in addition to the debt retirement, we want to renovate the front entrance of the sanctuary to provide easy, handicapped accessibility to the front door of the church so that ALL are truly welcomed into God’s presence for worship. Many of the members who sacrificed so generously to build the Trinity we see today are now facing mobility issues, and we want to make it as convenient as possible for them to come worship.


The Future

 Faithful to the Future – Fulfill Trinity’s Vision 2020

Further, we believe that Trinity’s best days are ahead and not behind, and we want to be faithful to the vision that God has given to this church. Our vision for the future includes ministry to Montgomery, and to the lost around the world. There are significant and needed updates and upgrades to the sanctuary that need to be done. Oftentimes ministry requires resources and we want to free resources to fund the ministries God is calling Trinity to take up. Additional funds raised over the goals could be allocated to:

  • Funding a ministry to the hurting in the Church and in Montgomery
  • Increase funding to world-wide evangelization
  • Development of ministries that reach Montgomery for Christ
  • Improved our Sanctuary audio and visual system and acoustics

Our Goal

  • Our first and primary goal is to raise $2.7 million in gifts and pledges to pay off the remaining debt by 2020.
  • Our next goal is to raise $300,000 to install a beautiful new ramped entrance to the Sanctuary to provide access to the front door of the sanctuary for those who need it.
  • Our third goal is to raise additional funds to be allocation toward the Vision 2020 goals of the church.



Please download the Faithful Commitment Card and Devotional by clicking below:

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